Proposal Terms

Proposal Terms

All Services

1. This proposal is also contingent upon final engineering and site survey to confirm facility availability.

2. If special construction necessitates additional charges, the customer will have the option to accept the additional charges within ten (10) business days or cancel the order without penalty.

3. Installation of the service is to the nearest point of entry of Customer’s premise (“demarc”). If Customer requests or requires additional cabling between demarc and Customer’s desired entry point, the additional charges to extend the demarc are the sole responsibility of Customer. Spectrotel may quote additional cabling to Customer on a Time and Material basis which Customer may purchase at its discretion. Customers may also purchase this service from a third party.



1. POTs pricing assumes migration of existing lines per location. If new installations are required, any subsequent non-recurring and/or installation charges shall apply.

2. POTs pricing also assumes there are no existing carrier contracts. If carrier contracts exist, Customer is responsible for any early termination charges.


Internet Over Wireless (IOW)

1. IOW Signal strength and availability is not guaranteed. 4G LTE may not be available at all locations.

2. An external antenna may be required in some cases (for an additional charge) to boost signal strength.

3. Customer may cancel IOW per location within 10 days of installation if signal strength is determined to be unacceptable. Customer remains responsible for any usage charges.

4. An overage charge applies if data usage exceeds total pool within any month.