Consulting & Professional Services

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We manage all the complex, time-consuming aspects of your digital transformation — sourcing, scheduling, and managing contractors, vendors, and carriers — so you don’t have to. From identifying the right providers to managing your production schedule and keeping track of all the tactical details, Spectrotel provides a worry-free solution that supplements and augments your team.

Minimize stress, maximize time

A true

Spectrotel designs, implements, and manages an end-to-end solution in every sense of the word. Our suite of professional services offers a robust, seamless solution to making your digital transformation a reality, while eliminating the hassle of coordinating, scheduling, and managing multiple providers or wrangling details in-house. Whether you want to future-proof your business or fill the gaps other providers leave behind, we offer a comprehensive managed and professional services solution from the closet to the cloud.
  • Structured Cabling: Ensure a highly reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure that will stand the test of time
  • Warehousing: Visibility and intel to keep track of all your inventory
  • Inventory Management: Set-up, configuration, delivery, and support  
  • White Glove Installation: Professional, high-touch and high-confidence service
  • Network Design and Consulting: Expert evaluation and recommendations
  • Remediation Services: Repair and replacement of your devices and equipment
  • General Consulting: Robust, seamless solutions for digital transformation actualization

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