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Spectrotel Introduces New Suite of SIP Services

NEPTUNE, NJ (May 28, 2013) – Spectrotel, Inc., a New Jersey-based Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC) serving customers throughout the United States, announces the launch of its suite of enhanced business-grade Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions – SIP Services. Spectrotel’s SIP Services provide calling transport features that ride seamlessly across most internet access modalities including Spectrotel’s suite of managed Internet services and Bring Your Own Bandwidth options (BYOB) such as cable, DSL, private line, Ethernet, and wireless.

Spectrotel’s SIP services are also designed purposely to serve any size enterprise without minimum orders or bundling requirements. “We diligently identified the universal key issues with SIP products in the marketplace and developed a solution that offers a fully integrated suite of services and features that can economically meet the needs of any size company,” said Ross Artale, Chief Operating Officer at Spectrotel. “Our customers can now achieve greater availability across a near limitless geographic region, flexibility to add, move, change and enhance users experience while saving money by utilizing our SIP solutions.”

Spectrotel’s SIP services are available in three options — SIP Lines (Analog), for customers with internet access and analog phones via a Spectrotel Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) or Integrated Access Device (IAD); Native SIP trunks for larger customers with SIP phones or an IP PBX; and SIP PRI for customers with internet access and enough inbound or outbound voice traffic to require a full PRI (with D Channel). Spectrotel’s SIP services can support any signaling conversion necessary with the use of customer premise equipment and can be bundled with the Company’s dedicated broadband access products. All services offer the option of two calling plans: Local Unlimited and Nationwide Unlimited as well as full feature capabilities such as voicemail, call waiting, 3-way conference calling, caller ID, voicemail to text or email, and more.

About Spectrotel
Spectrotel, headquartered in Neptune, NJ, was founded in 1996 with a mission to bring quality, affordable, and personalized telecommunications services to customers of all sizes nationwide. From traditional voice and data services to leading edge IP-based solutions, Spectrotel’s “Simply Better Service” is geared to bring the best available underlying infrastructure with unparalleled solutions, service, and savings to its customers. For more information, visit

Ellie Mondini
VP Marketing & Corporate Development
Spectrotel, Inc.