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H2O – Overgroup Introduces “Enterprise Customer Portal” for Spectrotel and other Service Providers

ORLANDO – SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 – Overgroup, developers of the billing and back-office platform H2O, announced during Comptel PLUS that an enterprise version of their online customer portal will be available in October 2013.

The Enterprise Customer Portal is an online tool that will allow service providers to give their customers easy access to critical information. Overgroup designed the new portal through close collaboration with its customer, Spectrotel, a Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC) serving customers throughout the United States.

“It’s not the typical bill payment centers seen so far.” says Leslie Ingram, VP of Implementation at Overgroup. “Not only is the Enterprise Customer Portal designed to handle accounts with large, complex lines and services across multiple locations, but the info is presented in a clear way. It will be easier for large businesses to access and analyze their billing information, make requests, view data and create usage reports on the fly.”

“We were thrilled to assist Overgroup with the Enterprise Customer Portal design as it is a critical component of Spectrotel’s back-end systems.” said Ross Artale, Chief Operating Officer at Spectrotel. “We now have a best-in- class portal that will help drive efficiency for our customers”.

Enterprise Customer Portal features include:

  • Create and manage account hierarchies
  • View line and product detail at any level in the hierarchy
  • View billing data at any level in the hierarchy
  • Create custom usage reports against current and previously billed usage
  • Create and manage multiple user access at any level in the hierarchy
  • Create, view and update tickets on any line or service within the hierarchy
  • Run, view and print from robust menu of scheduled reports on billing and inventory data
“From a development standpoint, working with Overgroup on the features and functions was a very smooth process,” said Mitch Wright, CIO at Spectrotel. “Both parties benefit from this collaborative effort – Spectrotel as the customer and user of the portal and Overgroup as the developer and owner of the SaaS platform.”

“I want to personally thank Spectrotel for the assistance in designing this valuable addition to our offering.” said Brent Maropis, CEO at Overgroup. “We were given direct access to their agent base to gain invaluable insight into the needs of VARs that manage enterprise class accounts.  We are incredibly excited about the launch and our continued partnership.” 


Overgroup is a software-as-a-service company that develops and manages an integrated Web-based back office system with real-time business capabilities designed for telecom companies and providers. Overgroup products such as H2O are flexible, scalable and secure and provide companies complete solutions to obtain customers, support services, bill services, collect revenue, and manage operations. Since its founding in 2002, Overgroup has grown to be the go-to solution for telecom and cloud companies across the US. For more information, visit


Spectrotel, headquartered in Neptune, NJ, was founded in 1996 with a mission to bring quality, affordable, and personalized telecommunications services to customers of all sizes nationwide. From traditional voice and data services to leading edge IP-based solutions, Spectrotel’s “Simply Better Service” is geared to bring the best available underlying infrastructure with unparalleled solutions, service, and savings to its customers. For more information, visit


Sunita Voleppe
Marketing Manager
Overgroup Consulting, LLC.
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Ellie Mondini
VP Marketing & Corporate Development
Spectrotel, Inc.