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Spectrotel authorized as one of multiple awardees for a New York State OGS Contract


NEPTUNE, NJ (November 11, 2019) - Spectrotel, Inc., a leading national integrated solutions and managed services provider for enterprise businesses, is excited to announce it is now one of multiple contractors awarded under the NYS OGS (New York State Office of General Services) Telecommunications Connectivity Services centralized contract. Under this new contract, Spectrotel has been approved to offer Voice and Data connectivity services. The contract certifies that Spectrotel is a vetted and state-approved Telecommunications vendor and simplifies services procurement for New York State authorized users by significantly reducing the length of the bidding processes.

"Spectrotel is committed to supporting our partners with public sector customers seeking a simpler, affordable path to telecommunication solutions," stated Ross Artale, President & COO. "We have extensive experience working with all phases of the public sector, from Education, Police and Fire Services, to State and Local agencies and now with NYS OGS contract, our New York State partners will be able to take full advantage of our comprehensive and integrated Voice and Data services."

The availability of this new contract expedites procurement and service delivery while offering our partners the ability to provide fast and cost-effective Voice and Data solutions. This contract is designed to work in conjunction with other OGS centralized contracts for Information Technology products and services required by an authorized user and can be obtained via a competitive request for quotes (RFQ) process. Authorized user agreements awarded as a result of RFQs under this centralized contract will be awarded based on lowest price.

More information on Spectrotel’s contract, Contract #PS68703 under Group 77017, Award 23100 – Telecommunication Connectivity Services (TCS) (Statewide and County), can be found here.

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Terri Vaccarino
VP, Product & Marketing