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Spectrotel partners with the nation's 4 largest cable providers to offer POTS over Broadband.


NEPTUNE, NJ (September 21, 2020) Spectrotel, Inc., a next generation aggregator providing integrated technology solutions for SMB and enterprise businesses, today announced the expansion of its Voice over Anything portfolio to include the nation's 4 largest cable providers, Altice, Comcast, Cox and Spectrum, POTS over Broadband service. "Spectrotel is committed to helping customers through their digital transformation by being the first solution provider to partner with the cable companies to offer such a needed alternative to POTS as copper decommissioning continues and analog prices keep rising," stated Ross Artale, President & COO. "Adding POTS over Broadband to our Voice over Anything portfolio now provides a reliable, cost effective option for customers looking to migrate off these legacy networks but still support special services, such as alarms, POS, elevator and fax."

Spectrotel's robust Voice over Anything portfolio provides SMB and enterprise customers flexibility, scalability and choice whether they are looking to move to a cloud communications platform, transform to a wireless network, or just simply retain their legacy phones with SIP based services. As businesses evolve and technology needs change Spectrotel is able to align and facilitate these services, design solutions that are scalable, reliable and specifically suited for each customer.

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Terri Vaccarino
Vice President, Marketing & Product
Spectrotel, Inc.